Milazzo & Associates is an architectural, interiors, and planning firm committed to comprehensive design and project management services. We subscribe to a simple directive: to exceed our clients’ functional, economic, and esthetic requirements while achieving a high and sustainable project value for both developer and community.

Milazzo & Associates provides consulting services in urban planning, architecture, space schematics, and interior design. Working in the design-studio style and teamed with selected engineering consultants, we provide a full range of comprehensive design and project management services.

For nearly three decades we have excelled at providing A&E services to a wide variety of government, corporate, retail and private clients. Our consistently innovative and award-winning design solutions are responsive to form, function, esthetics, economics and the ever-growing array of jurisdictional regulation.

With experienced and talented staff, reliable engineering consultants, and fully-integrated information technology: we are enormously adept in today’s modern construction industry. Sustained success, however, is built upon open communication and trust between client and architect.  True collaboration requires listening carefully to expressed needs in a structured process; this yields successful design solutions that will retain function and economics for lasting project value.  As reflected in the following pages, the body of work designed by Milazzo & Associates demonstrates a reputation based on these principles. We look forward to your perusal of our history.